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Quality service and equipment to make you feel at home indeed even better.

Free WiFi wifiAt Belfiore each apartment has unlimited wireless internet. To give you the chance to remain always in touch with your work, your projects, your friends, in other words with your world.
Air conditioned Air conditioned In the high season Torino can have some splendid days and also very hot. Belfiore offer air conditioning with the possibility to personally choose the temperature that suits you.
TV LCD TV LCDEntertainment, information, music, shows, sport: all this can be found on the tv. Brought to you by the television screen. With a wide choice of digital channels proposed.
Apartment cleaning Apartment cleaningAll apartments are cleaned by the Belfiore cleaning staff. As well as linen and towel change which is done every week. An extra comfort.
Heating Heating  The best way to make you feel the warmth of home? To let you regulate the heating in your apartment. This way you will feel at ease or said in another way perfectly acclimatized.
Maintenance MaintenanceFrom equipment installation to the electrics, every part of the Belfiore apartments have been treated by professionals. In the case of an emergency immediate fast assistance is provided .

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